What is a Zetaboard?

Zetaboards are a light weight, easy to use, forever free forum created by Zathyus Networks Inc. in the early 2000's. This company also created Invision Free boards in 2002 which are a more customizable board but with perhaps less security. The best place to start is to hop over to http://www.zetaboards.com/ and create your own forum account for free, and they will also host it for you. Head back over here and see if you can find a theme to fit your tastes.

Why should I use a Zetaboard?

Simplicity! Create a forum, customize it the way you want and point your domain towards your new forum. If you have ever tried to install a forum yourself, you will know it can be a real pain and take hours and hours of work to make it secure and complete. With zetaboards you can bypass all the install trouble and dive right in to fun and easy stuff.

Where can I find Zetaboard Themes?

Well right here of course! Navigate to the top of this page and click the "Themes" link in the categories section. We don't create themes here ourselves, but we have done all the work to link to all the zetaboard themes we could find. We would like to give credit to all the great theme creators out there and give cudo's for all the work they did so our forums can look snazzy as possible.

The bottom line on zetaboards and other free forum hosts.

Zetaboards, and other free forum hosts are a great way to create your group for basically anything. Keep in mind that some forums will add advertising to your forum to cover running costs. Some hosts will offer you a chance to remove the ads for a small fee, and other hosts may offer you free hosting with no ads at all.